sweet sussex blend
Apricot Jam | Sweet Chocolate | Brown Sugar


Award Winning Deliciousness

A medium-mild, sweet blend. Composed of three single-origin, estate grown beans. Our espresso blend offers a clear departure from the acidic, burnt, smokey, West Coast espresso blends. Fantastic on its own, it holds up perfect in a classic Cappuccino, Macchiato, or Latte. We think Coffeereview.com evaluated our Sweet Sussex best in their 92-point review below:

"Blind Assessment: Evaluated as espresso. A big winner in four parts milk. Co-taster Andy Newbom (90) had it at 9 in milk while Ken (93) went to the limit at 10. Both keyed on a big, round, peachy fruit complexity and fine balance of milk and coffee. As straight espresso dominated by fruit as well: ripe, apricot-toned, a little wine-like, with a tart "sparkle" (Andy) of citrus. But the whole sensory package bloomed in milk with particular power and completeness." http://www.coffeereview.com/review.cfm?ID=2242