Zimbabwe Salimba Estate
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Altitude: 853 masl
Variety: SL-28, Catimor-129, Costa Rica-95
Process: Washed, dried in cascade troughs

    The Jersey Estate sits beside Mount Selinda on Zimbabwe’s eastern border, at the edge of the Chirinda Forest Botanical Reserve—the southernmost tropical rainforest in Africa.

    The estate was established in 1944, and coffee trees were added in 1980. Today, 430 acres of the estate are cultivated with the coffee varietals SL-28, Catimor-129 and Costa Rica-95.

    Coffee Processing

    A huge amount of care is taken to pick only ripe cherries. Between June and September, each tree is picked over approximately six times.

    After harvest, the cherries are wet processed with a disc pulper. Fermentation times vary based on the ambient temperature and humidity. The people overseeing the fermentation process check for readiness by feeling the fermenting parchment. When it begins to feel gritty, it's ready to be discharged into the channel, washed and then density graded.

    After wet processing, the beans are placed in cascade troughs around which air is blown for approximately seven days, to ensure even drying. Then, the beans in parchment travel approximately 55 miles to the Estate’s dry mill for processing.