About Our Coffee

Our mission at The WestBean Coffee Roasters is to bring out the best in the coffee we roast. We source our beans from several green coffee importers, through which we have trusted relationships that have been nurtured over the years. Together with these partnerships we produce the best product possible to our customers. The work and effort that has gone into getting the coffee into our hands is not something we take lightly. To us, it is important to continue that effort to ensure that the coffee is roasted and then brewed at the highest level. The road from origin to product is a journey we respect and value. We work to provide quality in everything we do, from sourcing, to roasting, to brewing. 

From single origin coffees to our espresso, each coffee is carefully trial-roasted several times before we proceed with a full production roast. Every coffee is a new ball game. Each roasted differently to highlight the specific flavor profiles and called it to its highest potential. The coffees that are selected have been cupped and approved among our roasting and production team. It is only then that we offer them to our customers to enjoy. 

WestBean is a believer in standing apart from the crowd. Our craft is executed with integrity, sincerity, and a deep love for what a cup of coffee can do. It is the soul warming remedy on a cold morning, that push to get you through an afternoon that doesn’t seem to have an end, or the cup in your hands as you gather with the ones you love. We aren’t just another coffee shop on another corner, we stand proudly behind our farm to cup process.