The Perfect Cup: The Right WestBean Roast for Your Brewing Method

The Perfect Cup: The Right WestBean Roast for Your Brewing Method

As we all know, there’s a lot that goes into crafting the perfect cup of coffee. If you’ve ever been puzzled about what roast to choose for a satisfying pour over or French press, check out our roast-pairing recommendations. 

For an Aeropress: We enjoy our new Ethiopia roast brewed with the Aeropress. 

From our Bankers Hill Manager, Carl: “I find that it’s very delicious in making drip coffee. It’s the best quality for the time you put into brewing it--which is about a minute.”

For the Kalita Wave & Chemex: We recommend our rotating single origins, currently our Burundi Kayanza Gakenke with hints of caramel and dried fruit. Other times we will have coffees from Rwanda, Kenya or most recently Zimbabwe to round out our selection of pour overs. We recommend grinding towards a more medium to coarse setting for a delicious and balanced pour over in our cafes or at home.

From co-owner, James: “We try to offer something unique and different for those who enjoy pour overs. Those who order are quite often coffee enthusiasts so we rotate varietals occasionally to keep it interesting and so that they can taste coffees from various regions of the world. We roast and sample test each varietal before we add it on bar. ” 

For Espresso Machines & the Bialetti Moka Express: Try our award-winning Sweet Sussex blend (grind to your preference). Hands-down a customer favorite, this espresso blend shines with notes of apricot jam, sweet chocolate and brown sugar, which come through best when brewed under pressure. And if you are looking to try something new, our blend Dawn Patrol has been a big hit as espresso as well.

From our Bankers Barista, Noelle: “Calibrated to perfection, I highly recommend trying our espresso prepared as a flat white or a cortado.”

For Drip Machines: We serve our Mexico Mocabe on drip at all our cafes & highly recommend that you give it a try on drip as well. With notes of malt chocolate, graham cracker, and black cherry, this single-origin coffee guarantees a delicious cup every time with this mostly hands-off brewing method. We will soon be replacing it with a Guatemalan that will be equally tasty!

Our Swiss-Water Process Decaffeinated Brazil roast is another great option. With either roast, we recommend grinding your coffee beans on a higher course setting.

From our Bankers Hill Barista, Jacob: “Simple but delightful, Mexico Mocabe is delicious prepared as a drip. I’d recommend trying it black first before thinking about adding cream!”

For a French Press: Our Mexico Mocabe roast and single origin Colombia work best for the French press. Grind your coffee beans coarsely for optimal brewing. 

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